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Now thats an app!! Works perfectly and has many functionalities

Update is not working

I update it and now its not working. Before it worked ok!

Doesnt work with iOS 9

I have iPhone5s with iOS 9 but this application does not start and immediately shut itself down.

Nicely done

Extremely useful app I had ever seen.


One of the best apps Ive ever used. Never crashed, always fast and available in English. Thanks Robert and Marcin.

Best app ever

This app save my Life

very useful

very useful

Saved our group many times!

I had to join the many positive reviews and add another voice to say, "pay the money and buy the app!" I was in Kraków for world youth day along with 2 million other pilgrims and our first night (without the app) my group had a very long walk back to our hotel because we were not familiar with the bus routes. We got the app on day two and it was well worth the cost! Just be sure to turn on the location option. The app asks if you want the app to track your location in the background so I said no. I assumed it would still track during use of the app, but this assumption was wrong. (Some apps give three options to track: while using the app, always or never). This app has two options: always or never. So say yes and the app will show your position with a blue dot. Especially important if you need to transfer and walk to a different stop to catch a new bus. The only complaint I have is when you miss a train or bus it doesnt always quickly give you a new route. I had to turn off the app and start over on occasion. Dont know if this was user error or a glitch but even with this small complaint the positive aspects far outweigh any nuisances! Buy it! Its needed in Kraków!

Fantastic travel assistant!

Not much to say other than it was a must have app for this US traveler in Poland for the first time. Accurate, got me around in Warshawa, Kraków, Wrocław with no issues at all. And it recognized special teams for one time events. My Polish friends said it was free, but I had to pay $3.99 First app I paid more than $0.99 for an app and it was well well well worth it.

Best money spent in Poland!

I was over trying to figure out if Id ever figure out the tram and bus system in Kraków, until I found this! It was worth the money! It was so easy to use with multiple route options! It could be slow to reset at times if you missed a connection. Would be great if it worked off line as well. And as the prior review said make sure to allow to use in background seeing that helped! Knowing I had this I was then set and confident as I made my way up to Warsaw!

Convenient and extremely user friendly

I am currently living in Poland and this app has been extremely useful. It completely takes the thought process out of mapping a trip. Either trams, buses or trains; it gives you the option to choose.

Please fix the bug that keeps me from using the new update

I cant use the app, it just crashes. It was awesome before the update, please fix the bugs so I can use your awesome app again.

Must-have-app if you live in Poland

This app shows you how to get around Polish cities accurately and efficiently. Its accurate 99.9% of the time and I use it everyday. The map is also extremely accurate and shows you exactly where you need to walk to catch your bus, tram or train. Would be hard to live here without it.

Must have

The best app in Poland!

Works perfectly well

A very useful tool :-)

Cool app for moving around Polish cities

It shows you an exact schedule and helps you to find the most optimal route.


When we missed the right station to get out and drove too far with the tram, this app saved us by instantly tracking our gps position and showing how to get to our destination. Includes google maps for showing the way between stations when you have to change. A great feature would be the displaying of plan changes, cause now in the pre-euro time there are a lot of construction sites and plan changes can be read at the stations-but only if you speak polish.

Great app - a must have when you are in Poland!

The best app I downloaded in a while! Its just great how easy it is to use and its for sure the best way to plan your trip. I use the app within Warsaw and it works perfectly fine! Especially since I dont speak Polish, this app is a lifesaver. Easy to handle, well thought through combined with a lot useful features - the best money I have spent in Warsaw so far!


This is a must have App if you use public Transport in polish Cities. Great Implementation!


Thank you for this app. Its really good and convenient!

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